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Photographer for Hire

Why would you hire a photographer for your wedding?

Is it because your wedding is a very special event in your life and you want to preserve the beauty and romance of that day forever?

Do you hire a professional because reliability and quality are very important?

Is it embarrassing to ask a friend or relative to shoot snapshots of everyone else having fun?

Although I’m not a wedding photographer, I do shoot honeymoons...and other adventures.

My life has been a continuous world-wide adventure in photography. From shooting food to fashion and aerials to underwater, my lens has seen a lot.

My huge gadget bag holds everything from cameras, computers, scuba gear and aircraft. My "tripods" support my camera anywhere from a few inches above ground to 20,000 feet.

If you are truly a VISUAL PERSON it is very easy to evaluate my skills by looking at my photos at www.ronlowery.com or by reading my latest book Chasing Lewis and Clark Across America or viewing my sample videos.

If you are truly an ADVENTUROUS PERSON you can also judge from my work to see if my personality matches yours and if you would want to join in on my adventurous lifestyle.

For a good time (and adventure) call 423.240.3898 or email me, imagine@ronlowery.com.